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Women, Work and Treating Humans Like Humans with Amber Michels: Episode 113

Amber Michels, founder of The Peace of Mind Project and the forthcoming Lighthouse Effect, joins But Not All At Once to talk about women and work. Things you'll hear us touch on: -What is the Great Resignation, and why is it happening now? -"It isn't that complicated." Treating employees like humans, not machines, changes everything. -There's no such thing as a non-working mom. -Parental leave, healthy work environments, and work-life balance benefit employees regardless of whether or not they have children. -Caretaking is valuable, unpaid work - work largely done by women, whether they are mothers or not. -Women are loyal workers and emotionally connected to their work. Creating environments where they can thrive matters. You can learn more about The Peace of Mind Project here. Amber's newest layer of support for moms, The Lighthouse Effect, will debut its first woman-focused empowerment retreat from January 28th to 30th in downtown Greenville, SC. The weekend of yoga, dinners, connection, conversation - all things we need! - will also feature panel speakers like our very own Anne Smith. Follow The Lighthouse Effect on Instagram to learn more as details emerge. To support But Not All At Once, and to hear next week's subscriber-only episode on narcissism and toxic relationships, visit our Patreon page.


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