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Living Out a Sister's Legacy with Liz Fisher: Part One, Episode 114

Brooke Turner's story may be But Not All At Once's most downloaded episode ever - and for good reason. Describing herself as a "student of hope" despite young, unexpected widowhood and a terminal cancer diagnosis, Brooke chose her words carefully and meant every one of them. It's a conversation I revisit when I need a few hours with a friend, and one of the great privileges of my life.

Today Brooke's sister, Liz, steps away from her very full plate to give us an update on the Turner/Fisher family of eight. She and her husband are rearing six children from third to sixth grades while juggling moves, memories, grief, healing, and a metric passel of farm animals.

Next week you'll hear even more from Liz on what Covid, lockdown, a sabbatical, six e-learners and a new farm brought her beautiful blended family.

If you're a Patreon subscriber, be sure to listen to this week's bonus episode there! It's called "Things I Haven't Been Honest About Yet," and it's as revealing as it sounds. (Insert cringe emoji.)


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