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The Glue of Our Family with Katie Alice Walker: Episode 111

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and today But Not All At Once dives into the story of Katie Alice Walker and her beautiful third baby, Jayne.

Katie Alice walks us through the shock and grief of an unexpected diagnosis and the joy of meeting a child whose name has been spoken by an entire community in prayer.

There's beauty to be found even in the uncertain, unforeseen and just plain hard; Katie Alice's words are a testament to that.

Whether your family has faced similar news, you want to support a friend in the trenches, or you hope to be an example of inclusion in your community, this discussion is for you.

A few books Katie Alice recommends:

If you're a parent who wants to connect with the Walkers, you can reach Katie Alice at @kacwalker on Instagram. As always, you can reach Anne at or @butnotallatonce across social platforms.

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