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Raising Kids in a Digital World with Suzy Dover: Episode 103

Suzy Dover spends her days guiding elementary schoolers through the ins and outs of technology, then comes home to do the same with her own children.

One question the instructional technology coach answers more than any other is, "How do I keep my kids safe online?" In today's episode, we answer just that - and it starts at a far more foundational level than parental controls or security apps.

Suzy explains her philosophy of technology as communication; how children are the same online and off; in what ways to give them boundaries and control over their digital lives; and how adults can model what we want to see in our children when it comes to social media.

So much of parenting we're prepared to do from conception: buy car seats, prepare nutritious meals, keep them warm and safe and fed. Feeling the urge to swaddle them in bubble wrap when it comes to technology makes sense - but it isn't practical.

This is the world we live in; so how do we make it safe, healthy and kind? I loved thinking through this with Suzy, not to mention chatting about Little House on the Prairie, Hocus Pocus, and how our children will spill every last detail of our home lives to any teacher who will listen.

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