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Pregnant Without A Pulse: Mandy's Miracle, Episode 70

In February, Mandy Poole shared a story that shocked, broke and warmed our hearts. Next week it gets a new chapter: another (unexpected) open heart surgery. It started on a quiet night watching football at home several years ago. Stephen returned from the grill to find Mandy, a 32-year-old NICU nurse in her first trimester, unresponsive on the couch beside their two children. Stephen's quick thinking, prayers, and 11 exhausting minutes of CPR kept his wife and their unborn son alive. Today, it's the rest of us who can offer our prayers and support as another chapter of their "rollercoaster ride" unfolds. To read a more in-depth update on her upcoming surgery and stay at the Cleveland Clinic, visit For Mandy, every day is a wonder - even the hard ones. I hope our conversation opens your eyes too to the simple joys of the mundane. She and her youngest, Owen, are hands-down, no-questions-asked miracles. To equip yourself with the CPR skills that saved Mandy's life, visit

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