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Oprah, Harry, Meghan & Media Madness: Episode 84

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

All right, friends. The Sussexes spilled it. Every last drop. Now what? Let's talk it out! Here's a rundown, a breakdown and a few follow-ups.

This episode was released Monday evening on Patreon for subscribers to get an early listen. (I note this because even more headlines have emerged since that time. Just you wait; we'll chat about them too.)

Look for a new pep talk later this week! Until then, you can support the podcast by joining for extra episodes, guest access, video discussions, live hang-outs and more.

Want to chat? Find me at or @butnotallatonce on social media. Next week we'll have a new story to share; let's consider this one the Duchess of Sussex's - and her detractors'. Take care, y'all! xoxo

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