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Of Course You Are: January 2021 Pep Talk, Episode 77

Welcome to season three of But Not All At Once! As with everything else about the last year, our opener is a bit different than anyone anticipated.

Our community's overwhelming request for this week's episode was a pep talk: perhaps some commiseration, understanding, and encouragement for the days ahead. No matter how you feel or what you're doing to get by, you're going to hear me say: "Of course you are."

You'll also hear me touch on Night Googling™, coping strategies, whom and what you're responsible for, the wide range of acceptable feelings, why our generation feels this so deeply, and what I want you to tell your own personal "Doris" (my inner critic, named as I recorded this).

I'm excited to share with you all that season three of But Not All At Once holds, but for now, just remember that you're not alone. Remind each other of that too. Show grace to my weird little vulnerabilities exposed today, and to your own as well.

Wishing you soft clothes, carbs, self-care and a safe place to land. We'll talk next week. xoxo


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