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Inventing Your Dream Job with Lacey Hennessey: Episode 87

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Greenville artist Lacey Hennessey joins us to talk money, courage, fulfillment, optimism and whether Beyoncé has more hours in the day than the rest of us. (She doesn't, but she DOES pay a lot of people to do things you might enjoy doing yourself, Lacey says.)

Whether you have a secret dream you'd love to pursue, wonder how much money "starving" artists can actually make, or want to stop caring what others think, her infectious attitude is just what you need.

Need specific advice or encouragement? Lacey will join us on Patreon for a listener Q&A later this month! Just email or DM your questions my way.

Later today, look for our always busy/rise and grind culture meets cancel culture deep dive, where we examine the contrition and condescension of Rachel Hollis after her recent episode. Her recent PR nightmare represents all that can happen when entrepreneurship and optimism go off the rails. (Unlike what we dive into here!)

As always, you can support the work of But Not All At Once on Patreon, where you'll find extra episodes, additional content, and more access to host Anne Smith and guests like Lacey.

You can find Lacey at or @hennesseyinthehome across social media platforms.


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