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Her Happiness Matters More than a Diagnosis: Episode 86

Imagine you're at a playground when your child toddles over to a girl in a wheelchair and asks, in all sincerity, why she can't walk. Do you dig a hole in the sandbox and hide? Shush him and scurry away? Join them both for a conversation and some toy-sharing?

Greenville mom and advocate Cat Stevens hopes you'll do the latter. And while you're there, she'd love you to ask about all three of her children - two "typical" and one with differences both visible and unseen.

You'll hear the joy in Cat's voice as she discusses 11-year-old Halle, her family's search for answers, and loving the first person on Earth diagnosed with her genetic condition. She cautions us not to let the fear of saying the wrong thing push us to say nothing at all. Kindness, curiosity and inclusion are always welcome.

You can follow Halle's story on her CaringBridge page here. You'll hear us reference Meredith Bugenske's and April Robson's stories, which are featured in episodes 72 and 14/15, respectively.


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