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If Your Miracle Never Comes with Abby Banks: Episode 102

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

One night can change everything. Abby Banks, this week's guest, put her healthy infant son to sleep, but the next morning, he was paralyzed. Without warning, a rare autoimmune disease attacked his spinal cord; there was no cure or road map for healing from his diagnosis, transverse myelitis, short of a miracle.

Abby walks us through the life she envisioned for Wyatt, and the one her son has today. Rather than facing the unknown full of fear, the Banks family finds joy in every gift - including the freedom and possibilities Wyatt's wheelchair provides.

Whether you are waiting for a miracle, frustrated and facing challenges, or ready to celebrate every good thing in your life, this conversation will move you. Follow But Not All At Once on Instagram for a giveaway of Abby's book, Love Him Anyway, later this week. If you aren't already a subscriber, please consider joining our Patreon to hear bonus episodes, support the work of But Not All At Once, and enable more women like Abby to share their stories.

"I could drown myself in a sea of anger because life hasn't turned out the way I planned, but I know that life is a gift, and I want to fight to make ours amazing, no matter what it looks like..."

-from Love Him Anyway

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