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Big Leaps and Non-Linear Paths with Sarah Shell: Episode 105

Sarah Shell spent three years in law school, passed the bar and began a promising legal career in a Savannah office with a river view. Something was missing, though...

In an interview originally scheduled for the first day of quarantine (😳), today’s guest discusses her "non-linear" path to taking a leap right out of lawyer-land to dream up Fern Studio Flowers.

Sarah and I talk about starting over, letting others take a chance on you, and how there's no such thing as "juggling" four children, a business and a pandemic.

I first heard about “flash floral” installations in this episode. Have you seen flowers across a bridge, wrapped around a recycling bin, or brightening a downtown block? I’ve got my eyes open… 🧐 Ever wanted to start over? Take a leap of faith? Toss expectations out the window? Find me on Instagram and let's chat about it! To support the show and see our first-ever video episode this weekend, join our Patreon community. Former surrogate Brittney Bolt, now carrying her fourth child after delivering twins for strangers, and I dish on the good, the bad and the ridiculous of baby names!

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