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An Exhaustion Epidemic & All the Work You Can't See: Episode 104

When I came across Laura's TikTok content earlier this month, I knew she'd make the perfect podcast guest. As @thatdarnchat on social media, she puts words to the epidemic of exhaustion I've seen in friends and strangers alike over the years. You see it too: wives, mothers, and working women crumbling under the weight of invisible labor, unrealistic expectations, and unspoken hopes for parenthood and marriage.

In today's episode, you'll hear us praise the men in our lives, break down the patterns that don't serve us or our marriages, and unpack how we (the collective we) can add more rest, joy and life into the years ahead.

A few resources we mention:

Fair Play by Eve Rodsky

How We Show Up by Mia Birdsong

Parenting Beyond Pink and Blue by Christia Spears Brown

But Not All At Once, Episode 48: The Invisible List Clogging Up Your Brain

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