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An Anne Intro & A Peek at How We Got Here: Episode 89

If talker's block were a thing, I'd have the opposite. SO many things to tell you and so little time before your AirPods need charging.

After last week's rollicking Rachel Hollis rundown, we have oodles of new folks and a number of longtime listeners who may not know the who/what/why on Earth is this girl pulling life stories out of every woman she's ever met? So here's a quick peek into my brain and chapter one of a (fifteen-part, believe it or not) series that'll continue on Patreon. We'll cover motherhood, marriage, emergency surgery, birth "defects," miscarriage, high-risk pregnancy, PTSD, grief, denial, gratitude-mixed-with-genuine-heartache, skull fracture, premature birth, unwelcome genetic testing results, NICU stays, developmental delays, failure to thrive, friends who know just what to do, questioning yourself, lying to the world, carrying on as a functioning adult when your life is crumbling - all of it. This is part one, plus a preview of the next stretch of content for But Not All At Once: more personal stories from women you haven't met yet, another deep dive into Rachel Hollis, a Khloe Kardashian/beauty culture/compassion/culpability/damaging 1990s aesthetics breakdown and more. You can support our work and get early access to more content at Thanks for being here!


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