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A Potluck Podcast: Episode 107

Today's episode is a smorgasbord of topics requested by our little Instagram community.

First up, the Murdaugh (pronounced "Murdock") murders right here in South Carolina. This is a tragic, complicated, ready-for-Netflix story. I recommend you dive into Mandy Matney's podcast to catch up on years of Lowcountry legal entanglements, unfortunate deaths and mysterious happenings.

Next, the Time 100 cover featuring Harry, Meghan and a boatload of memes about their pose. Also, Britney Spears' engagement and subsequent Instagram exit; the end of Rachel Hollis' Rise conference; the LuLaRich documentary series; the Met gala history and fashion; favorite fall movies; and my personal must-make soup recipes to be whipped up the moment temps drop below 80.

Links! Links! Links!

20% off on nap dresses and anything Hill House Home

Best butternut squash soup recipe ever. Don't @ me.

Pioneer Woman's white bean chicken chili. Add cornbread, invite me, and enjoy.

At-home Sbux Medicine Ball dupe: One Teavana Jade Citrus Mint tea bag and one Teavana Peach Tranquility tea bag. Add warm lemonade (or lemon juice and water), then honey. Voila!

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Talk to you next week! xoxo

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