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A Pep Talk for Your Second Rodeo: Episode 90

A long-promised mini pep talk for women bringing home their second babies. You know just enough to worry yourself sick, but not enough to feel confident that you can do this once again. Let me be the voice who reminds you: You. Sure. Can.

You may be wondering if your world is about to be flipped upside down again. Can you love another small human? Who will need you most? How can you ever, in a moment of double tears, pick one over the other? How will you find the guts to ask for help? What should you say to yourself when no one's around to buoy your sleepy spirits?

Step one: Listen to this pep talk from But Not All At Once's first week.

Step two: Remember you've made it, blindfolded and brand new at parenting, out of the woods before. You can do it again, even if the terrain is different.

Step three: Ask for help. Spell out what you need. Nap without guilt. Wave the white flag without wavering. People are in your corner.

The fact that you're here, hoping to do your best, means you're phenomenal at this job. I'm proud of you. xoxo


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